Case Study: Global Pharmaceutical Initiate RFP in All Territories


Our client needed to initiate a worldwide RFP for office products in 40 countries. The challenge lay in the reconciliation of existing data from a major office products provider and smaller regional vendors. With no industry standards in product description, unit of measure, currency, etc. obtaining full transparency and comprehensive analysis of 25,000 SKUs presents significant challenges.


Leveraging Dryden’s $1.8 billion database of indirect spends combined with a best-in-class RFP Management Program, Dryden was selected to support a full turnkey office supply RFP.

Key Factors:

  • Tight Timeline
  • Maximize Savings
  • Ensure RFP Integrity
  • Ability to Cross-Reference Disparate Data




  1. Compare agreement pricing vs. client pricing per SKU
  2. Collect reimbursement from supplier for any overcharges


  1. Apples-to-Apples Benchmark/Baseline the entire program
  2. Detailed Savings Analysis by SKU


  1. Continuous monthly program measurement, auditing, tracking & reporting
  2. Reports detailed at the business unit/cost center
  3. Ensure optimal contract ratio


  • Hard dollar measurable savings
  • Best in Market Agreement and Sustainable Program
  • Fully auditable and measurable utilizing Dryden Client Portal reporting tool.
  • Metrics and KPI’s
  • Improved Process Management-client controls product changes
  • Improved demand management & sourcing

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