The Situation

You have evaluated and implemented the latest e-procurement tools, RFP/Auction Tools and renegotiated contracts for preferred pricing. However, you lack the ability to continuously audit, benchmark and optimize indirect spend contracts. You are in need of experienced indirect procurement consultants that you can trust.

How We Can Help

Dryden has developed a comprehensive suite of indirect procurement solutions to drive hard dollar bottom line savings. Our unique methodology and long term database of spend data drives cost containment for all SKU and service based indirect commodities while providing:

  • Unmatched indirect spend visibility
  • Identification and optimization of fundamental contract metrics
  • Apples to apples benchmark of every single item

Take a deeper look into our 4 step process below:

RFP Management


Indirect Procurement Cost Containment

We designed and refined our indirect cost containment approach to ensure sustainable results.  Throughout our pre-engagement process, most clients find that Dryden delivers a cost-savings analysis, insight into their indirect procurement processes and visibility into their operational indirect commodity spends.

In the event that our services require a change in the supplier, Dryden will assist your procurement team through the entire process, mitigating the impact of switching costs. We also hold ourselves responsible for ensuring the savings achieved during any initial engagement are maintained, while enhancing future profit recovery through the agreement term. Our team is available at all times during the engagement and will report quarterly or monthly on key metrics and value-add opportunities.

If you are interested in our indirect procurement consulting then contact us today.