Procurement Audits

Taking the Work Out of the ProcessProfessional performing an audit

We deal directly with suppliers, and audit every line and every SKU for complete compliance. Dryden conducts a 12 month arrears indirect commodity audit to verify correct pricing from suppliers, recover any overcharges and establish a baseline for the commodity program.

While A/P audits typically utilize software approaches, our best in market indirect procurement audit is a thorough line by line process geared towards expense reduction in all indirect commodities.

Our cost reduction audit professionals frequently find instances in which the supplier is not compliant with the agreement. When we find those instances of non-compliance, we take the extra step to submit and follow up to ensure our clients are refunded.

The Extra Step

Our indirect commodity audit process is the first step in the complete life cycle management of a supplier or service based commodity. The deep dive allows us to make detailed recommendations about proper product ratios and find duplicate charges, leading to significant cost reduction of your supplier spend. Our procurement audits are proven to provide long term cost savings to our clients.

Case Study: Audit Recovery for Leading Nationwide Retailer

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