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Using our exclusive technology, Dryden can help you improve the overall quality of your agreement, from pricing to terms and conditions. We utilize a $12 Billion aggregate spend database to ensure best in market indirect commodity pricing.

The indirect commodity benchmarking process utilizes data of similar purchasing volume and annual indirect spend to determine the best in market pricing for all purchased commodities and services. This step is integral to increasing the efficiency of indirect procurement programs and is carried out on a monthly basis, resulting in long term cost reduction. Benchmarking your supplier spend is an integral part of keeping costs down for your business.

Be 100% Confident

With our extensive database of SKUs from major vendors, we can provide you with an “apples-to-apples” supplier spend benchmark to determine if your program is in line with the marketplace.

Our database contains billions of dollars of current pricing based on total expenditure and industry in which to compile benchmark reports. Our benchmarking services are completely supplier neutral and allow you to achieve the best possible price without disrupting the procurement stream for the end users.

Case Study: Continuous Benchmarking Success Over Contract Duration

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