We’re here to Manage your CostsFinancial Planning and Review of Year End Reports

In any agreement, it can be harder to manage your program and maintain savings as each year passes. We will continuously review your Vendor Agreement, audit every invoice, benchmark your pricing, and make recommendations for improvements based on your organization’s goals.

After the audit, benchmark, RFP, or contract renewal phase, Dryden can continue to manage and optimize your program. For the term of your agreement we receive vendor invoices and measure compliance and savings. We can construct our findings and reporting in a manner that suits your organization.

Cost Reduction Analysts

Dryden’s ongoing optimization is the most effective cost management solution available, unmatched by other cost reduction analysts in the industry. Our monthly supplier spend analysis yields detailed metrics as well as long term cost reduction. We continually tweak product ratios as well as terms & conditions to ensure that your indirect expenses remain at the optimal position throughout the duration of your supplier agreement.

Dryden helps to take the burden off your employees’ hands, many of whom are stretched thin already, and provides prompt and in depth analysis so that decisions can be reached quicker. Our focused work has already resulted in superior expense management and cost reduction for many respected companies, both large and small.

If you are interested in our cost management solutions then contact us today to learn more.