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Dryden’s team of industry experts has the tools required to ensure significant savings along with the most optimal contracts in a variety of indirect commodities. Our extensive experience with preparing and managing RFPs for clients spans across all industries with companies of all sizes.

We have the ability to aid a client in all stages from RFP development to distribution, to response analysis to contract negotiation, award and implementation.

Dryden’s proprietary benchmark database allows us to help an organization determine the strength of a vendor’s bid. This, along with our team’s understanding of the complex tactics that vendors use to win new business, enables us to educate clients on certain vendor practices that are unable to be maintained throughout the course of an agreement.

Industry Experts

We guide the process to ensure that even low volume or non-contract SKUs are receiving best in market pricing. We not only help our clients receive the best in class SKU pricing through our RFP consulting, but also help with the negotiation of rebates & incentives as well as overall terms and conditions.

The end to end RFP management consulting services provided by Dryden has a significant impact on the efficiency of indirect procurement programs for the duration of the contract, yielding sustainable long-term savings.

Case Study: Renewal or RFP?

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