Why Dryden Works

“The result of planning this way is to make the rounds of the stores that offer the best sales by going a route that does not require doubling back. This route planning not only saves time, it saves gas,” a quote by Byron Pulsifer. Let Dryden be your route planner and help you save money.

contact-usWho are we? Our mission at Dryden Procurement Technologies is simple – to be the leader and pioneer in the cost containment of indirect spend categories in order to provide our customers with increased procurement performance and thus, a competitive advantage. Dryden is committed to continuous innovation in a results-oriented environment, which provides a rewarding and challenging environment for our employees. Our indirect spend solutions combine commodity expertise, industry price indices and analytics down to the SKU to provide our clients with unmatched visibility in measuring, auditing, benchmarking and optimizing every aspect of an indirect spend program. Our solutions assist corporate procurement departments with commodity life cycle management from RFP/Bid Event to ongoing measurement until the end of the cycle. Here at Dryden, we work hard to not only go beyond our own standards, but also that of our clients. Our only goal is to save you money and do it as efficiently as possible. From handling data to getting the savings desired, Dryden does all we can to help gain the trust of our clients.

Founded in 2002 by Boston College graduate Kevin Johnson, Dryden is a network of practices led not by one person, but by a group of commodity experts. We are not a corporation tied to earnings pressures, but a company free to take a long-term perspective on subjects such as client service and new service offerings. With our staff of excelling commodity analysts, we put in the much needed work to get the job done while always putting the clients’ goals first.

We are excited to begin on a new journey with help from our redesigned website. We want to show you, the customers, that we are readily prepared to increase your saving by showcasing the abilities of our experts in this blog.

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