Procurement Consultants

Serving all of the United States and Canada

Dryden has developed premier best practice procurement consulting for benchmarking and auditing services in specific indirect spend categories: office products, lab supplies, industrial, janitorial/sanitation, electrical, safety, temporary labor, and furniture.

Our procurement consulting combines indirect spend expertise, analytics and market intelligence – all rolled into the most powerful solution for indirect spend cost reduction.

Indirect spend accounts for a smaller fraction of total expenditures – typically between 8 and 15% for most companies. Since most don’t consider items like IT, office supplies and MRO integral to core competencies, they have not developed the expertise to manage these costs effectively. Dryden estimates that these companies are leaving between 10 and 20 percent per category of indirect material spend on the table as a result of this relatively relaxed attitude. To this end, we work with small, medium and global business to provide strategic sourcing consulting and hard dollar savings.

Our “Best in Market” procurement consulting program allows companies to:

  • Establish unmatched visibility into indirect spend programs
  • Identify how supplier catalog changes affect pricing
  • Audit every line item, invoice and SKU for supplier compliance.
  • Identify the most optimal contract metrics
  • Test the marketplace to ensure the most competitive pricing for your strategic sourcing objectives

Strategic Sourcing Consultants

Our extensive experience in strategic sourcing consulting, indirect commodity management, supplier selection, expense reduction strategies and $12 Billion indirect spend database drive our clients to reach peak performance. Engaging Dryden gives you a competitive advantage that will keep your procurement programs in check.

Our procurement consulting services are designed to take on even the toughest of challenges; from recalcitrant suppliers and indirect spend bloat to maverick purchasing that makes indirect spend reduction tougher and more time consuming. Our process can result in savings in as little as 6 weeks after the initial receipt of data, improving your bottom line immediately. Ongoing analysis and modifications build on the initial savings, giving rise to long term, sustainable savings.

If you are interested in speaking to one of our experienced procurement consultants please contact us today.