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Case Study: Managed Print Services


The client’s history of decentralized decision-making coupled with the natural evolution of office print led to a sub-optimal print environment with uncontrolled spend.

4 major suppliers
Multiple contracts for equipment, maintenance, consumables
No governance or print policies
Wide variance in quality of service delivery with a reactive response model
800 different models
Average device age = 9 years
Annual Spend = $36 million


The client wished to understand the intricacies of their program and to implement a sustainable, measurable program that generates substantial savings.

Baseline the program
Review current terms and audit for compliance
Benchmark the opportunity
Supplier commitment to diversity spend and environmental sustainability goals
Install a proactive, HIPAA compliant program that can meet the needs of an evolving organization


Data collection and consolidation
Baseline of program
Audit contracts and collect overcharges
RFP draft, launch, and analysis
Pre-contract down select consultation
Review and implementation of MSA, SOW


Initial audit recovery of $190,000
Standardize to 7 models, including a refresh cycle of new technology
Centralized the delivery of service through client helpdesk
Rationalization to a one supplier with one set of SLAs across the country

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