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Developing Best Practices for Procurement Consulting.

Dryden Group is a procurement consulting firm that specializes in containing indirect spend and maximizing the performance of your company’s procurement organization. We deliver data-driven savings strategies and recommendations that streamline business operations and create opportunities for consistent growth — without exhausting employee manpower.
Our services in indirect spend include office products, print, lab supplies, industrial supplies, MRO procurement, janitorial/sanitation, electrical, safety, temporary labor, document management, shredding, waste, telecom and furniture. Our procurement consulting combines indirect spend expertise, analytics and market intelligence — all rolled into the most powerful solution for indirect spend cost reduction.

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What Is a
Procurement Audit?

A procurement audit describes the process of analyzing your company's spending habits and verifying what you spend makes sense for your budget and financial stability. Procurement services are helpful in uncovering ways that your company could better allocate funds to increase its bottom line and maintain success. Additionally, performing a procurement audit is beneficial in identifying irregularities that raise concerns.
Trusting a reputable procurement transformation company like Dryden Group is excellent for unlocking new areas of growth for your brand and ensuring your business is operating in accordance with internal policies and procedures. Procurement audits are necessary for protecting your brand reputation and keeping you safe from fraudulent spending activities with partners outside of your organization.

Why is indirect spend hard to manage?

The considerations with indirect spend are nonspecific to certain categories and are characterized by unclear contract terms, various pricing structures and many transactions, which make management an ongoing focus. Indirect spend categories are widespread throughout an organization, making tracking and classification complex.
By collecting indirect spend data from across your organization, you can find inefficiencies and opportunities for savings. For example, consolidating services like travel or tech support can improve business operations and increase profits. At Dryden Group, our procurement consulting team has a database of vendor records and indirect spend statistics to develop a long-term approach to indirect spend, benchmarking and improving your products and services.

We're Strategic Sourcing Consultants.

With Dryden, your bottom line is our top priority. Our procurement consulting firm can help your business save money, no matter how much you spend. We’ll integrate seamlessly with your sourcing team and share the best practices that will help your organization operate more efficiently.
Our experience in strategic sourcing consulting, indirect commodity management, supplier selection, expense reduction and multi-billion indirect spend databases drives our clients to reach peak performance. Engaging with Dryden gives you a competitive advantage that will keep your procurement programs in check.
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