Areas of Expertise

Two Groups Formed for Success

Dryden has developed unique solutions geared to generate significant savings in several indirect spend categories. We’ve even had plenty of success with businesses undergoing a merger and/or acquisition. We have found it advantageous to delineate our offerings into two distinct groups; SKU based categories and service-based commodities.
SKU Based Categories
High volume, distributor driven goods that are typically purchased in high volume from an entity other than the original manufacturer. Dryden finds significant savings in these categories through overcharge recovery and SKU reconciliation after a thorough line by line audit of every item purchased. Dryden is committed to finding measurable savings without changing the products that your end users purchase.
Sample Categories
Service Based Commodities
Are dominated by intricate contracts that employ confusing language and unnecessary terms & conditions to impede your understanding of the situation at hand. Dryden’s category experts decipher the deliberately misleading phrases to provide an accurate understanding of the agreement.
Sample Categories
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