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Development & Change Management

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Document Management

Vendor Name

Iron Mountain

Annual Spend

Client Industry

Health Insurance


The Client engaged Dryden to assist in modernizing its document management program. Iron Mountain, the client's vendor, was storing nearly 2M cubic feet of paper records for the Client. The client wanted to move towards digital storage of records to reduce its physical footprint, improve document pull efficiency, and ultimately save money on storage fees.


  • Stakeholder buy-in: Dryden had to support Client and IM in “marketing” the MSP program to regional/departmental stakeholders.
  • Data: Client relied on Dryden to gather, normalize, and analyze numerous internal and IM data sources in support of program development.
Through monthly reviews, Dryden is able to analyze any issues with the Client’s end-user behavior, and risks associated with widespread P-card usage.


Dryden worked with Iron Mountain to develop, negotiate, and implement a “managed service program” on behalf of the Client. This solution was a 7-year program that specifically detailed a schedule of document destruction and digitization to reduce the Client’s 2M cubic foot paper storage footprint.

Benefits & Results

    • Spend Consistency: Client pays predicable fixed monthly fees under the MSP program.
    • Cost Savings: Opportunities for savings are identified and quantified by Dryden. These include areas such as SKU rationalization, price renegotiation and inventory reduction.
    • Enhanced program visibility: Dryden monitors program activity, providing client with reporting that details the MSP schedule versus actual activities completed.the Client.
    • Document delivery efficiency: As documents become digital, client can access records faster and with more accuracy versus the traditional “pull paper” method.
    • Partnership: Client, IM, and Dryden will continue to partner for the 7-year program term to ensure that the MSP program is successful through completion.

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