MSA Consolidation in Document Storage for Major Healthcare Client

Total savings of $2.15 Million for Healthcare Organization


Our client had more than 30 separate regional agreements for document storage consisting of a total of 1.2 million cubic feet. Services provided in addition to storage included shredding and data management with 2x the revenue of document storage. These were not initially included in the scope of the engagement.


Dryden was engaged to identify risk, benchmark the program, and assist with producing a new MSA. This was accomplished by competitively bidding the program, putting in place third party independent auditing across all regions, and implementing SRM reporting and validation.

Key Factors

  • Multiple MSAs across different regions
  • Services that had greatly expanded past original scope
  • Document storage spend over $5 Million

Scope of Services

  • Data collection and consolidation
  • Baseline of existing program
  • Solicit proposals from competitors
  • Evaluated agreement KPIs and metrics
Document Storage Case Study


  • $2.15 Million in total savings
  • Elimination of various fees and reduced frequency of allowable price increases
  • Recovered $20K in twice charged annual rate for inactive site with ongoing storage
  • Implemented new KPIs into agreement

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