Dryden Group can boost profitability in your agribusiness operation by controlling and reducing indirect spend.

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Today's agribusiness operations face numerous supply chain challenges directly impacting the procurement process. Too many farmers don't have access to the advanced tools and technologies required to preserve product quality until procurement. The communication channels between farmers and buyers are often cumbersome, which can lead to breakdowns within the chain.
Indirect spend can also present various purchasing issues. These "behind the scenes" costs can result in up to 50% of a business's purchases. Without an effective process for identifying and controlling these expenses, they can easily get out of hand and negatively impact a farming operation's bottom line.

Indirect Procurement Consulting Services for the Agriculture Industry

At Dryden Group, our team of experienced agribusiness procurement consultants can help your farming operation manage indirect spend more efficiently. We can provide the expertise and direction to develop and implement an effective procurement strategy to standardize your purchasing processes and eliminate unnecessary costs.

Facilitating transparency is the primary driving force behind our agriculture procurement consultant services. We understand how to increase indirect spend visibility to uncover expenditures that are often buried in accounting ledgers. Our knack for identifying wasteful spending will provide immediate and long-term financial dividends for your agribusiness operation.

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Benefits of Indirect Procurement Consulting Services for the Agriculture Industry

The benefits of agribusiness procurement consulting from the Dryden Group team include:

  • Enhanced supplier management: Our targeted supplier consolidation services can add value to your procurement practices by establishing a preferred network of partners to streamline processes and eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Reduced impact of volatility: The agriculture business is unpredictable. Our consulting services can help your farming operation anticipate changes in demand, ensuring you have the right items when you need them while reducing excess inventory.
  • Fewer unplanned purchases: We can help you identify and control the procurement of items that often result in "spot" purchases. These products can fill an immediate need but are often cost-prohibitive to store for extended periods.
  • Assessment of future needs: By providing more indirect spend insight, our services help you anticipate future supply requirements. You can allocate funds more efficiently and avoid wasteful spending.

Agribusiness Procurement Consulting Case Studies and Examples

We're proud of our lengthy track record of helping businesses across a broad spectrum of industries contain indirect costs by increasing procurement efficiency. Our client list encompasses smaller agriculture operations, Fortune 500 companies and everything in between, many of which experience immediate savings by finding and eliminating hidden costs.

Review our case studies to learn more about our consulting services and how they've added value to a wide assortment of businesses. You'll also discover how Dryden Group can promote growth and efficiency across the entire agribusiness supply chain.

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Is procurement in agribusiness continuing to pose a challenge for your farming operation? Indirect spend consulting services from Dryden Group can help you overcome these obstacles, reduce costs and attain a healthier bottom line. Take the next step and contact us for more information about our services today.

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