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Construction budgets include an accounting of various direct costs, commonly referred to as "overhead," that capture the attention of owners, builders, contractors and project managers because of their substantial price tag. Typical examples include materials, labor and equipment.
Indirect spend represents a less scrutinized cost category encompassing many "hidden" items like office supplies, document management and shredding. Because of the lower price point and less attention they receive, these expenditures can increase project costs while remaining behind the scenes. A knowledgeable construction procurement service can identify and control these small but often significant expenses.

Indirect Procurement Consulting Services for the Construction Industry

At Dryden Group, we add value to the construction procurement process with our targeted indirect spend consulting services. We have the experience, expertise and industry knowledge to identify and manage these hidden expenditures, preventing them from minimizing your project's profitability.

We believe controlling procurement in construction requires complete transparency. Our methodical approach entails collaborating with all relevant parties to develop and implement a carefully crafted sourcing strategy that promotes maximum purchasing visibility. Our consulting team will pinpoint areas of waste that have eluded detection and remove the weakest supply chain links.

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Benefits of Indirect Procurement Consulting Services for the Construction Industry

Our consulting for construction procurement can provide numerous benefits for your business:

  • More efficient budget planning: Creating and adhering to a budget is crucial to any construction project's success. By identifying these costs more clearly, our services will provide better insight into this essential planning process.
  • Enhanced sourcing options: Our services can help streamline your vendor/supplier management practices through consolidation and elimination of the least cost-effective sources. You'll have a "go-to" supplier base you can trust to deliver what you need at affordable prices.
  • Improved compliance: Adhering to a long list of constantly changing regulations is crucial in the construction industry. Our services include ongoing audits to ensure your company is following all the rules and regulations, helping you avoid costly fines and violations.
  • Better purchasing decisions: Our process involves accumulating volumes of pertinent spending data that provides invaluable, previously unknown information. You'll have fully supported facts and figures that allow you to make calculated decisions in all the indirect spend areas impacting your business.

Construction Procurement Consulting Case Studies and Examples

At Dryden Group, we've helped construction entities in a wide range of industries resolve their indirect procurement and spend issues, enabling them to increase profits and reduce costs. Our clients range from leading Fortune 500 companies to smaller firms seeking to gain a competitive edge.

We encourage you to review our case studies to see real-world examples of the quality of our services and the benefits they can deliver to companies like yours.

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Could shoring up your procurement processes benefit your construction operations? Discover how consulting services from Dryden Group can help you manage indirect spend more efficiently and increase profitability. Contact us to request additional information today.

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