Top consumer packaged goods companies choose Dryden Group for the market's best procurement tools and consulting services.

Consumer Goods

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are among the first to feel the impact when shortages in the supply chain occur. Many of these operations establish partnerships with secondary vendors to ensure they can make timely deliveries and keep store shelves stocked.
Choosing a reliable, experienced procurement consulting team like Dryden Group is vital for selecting dependable suppliers, securing the best pricing and increasing your company's cost savings.

Procurement Consulting Services for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

The industry experts at Dryden Group have extensive knowledge of consumer packaged goods businesses and similar distribution operations. We have helped some of the biggest names in the CPG arena improve their purchasing processes while securing the market's best pricing. We leverage our advanced procurement tools with years of purchasing data to create a tailor-made strategy unique to your operation.

Our comprehensive suite of CPG procurement services includes the following:

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Advantages of Choosing Dryden Group for CPG Procurement Consulting Services

Securing the best prices and streamlining vendor relationships are critical for your organization's success. Dryden Group can work beside your full-time purchasing team to fine-tune existing processes, combining your company expertise with our innovative procurement strategies.

Additional advantages of choosing our consulting services include:

  • Improving communication with your current supplier base.
  • Identifying potential issues across your entire supply chain.
  • Establishing productive relationships with newly qualified vendors.
  • Creating optimized procurement strategies that increase your company's bottom line.

Case Studies

A Fortune 100 consumer goods company with an expiring contract chose Dryden Group to analyze the benefits of renewing the existing agreement against conducting a new RFP. Our team analyzed data from the previous contract to determine the best spending ratios while benchmarking pricing across the industry, resulting in $1.2 million in product savings, incentives and rebates. Explore more details of the case study for specifics.

Discover More With Dryden Group

If you want to learn more about how one or more of our services can help improve your CPG business, the team at Dryden Group is ready to guide you. We're committed to helping you develop an optimized strategy to improve all aspects of your purchasing operation. Contact us today for more information.

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