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Dryden Group offers energy and utility companies a full lineup of procurement services, helping them increase efficiency and reduce costs.

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Procurement Services

With the rising prices of raw materials and ongoing volatility in the wholesale energy markets, utility companies strive to find ways to keep costs stable. Because indirect spending represents a significant portion of their budget, many companies often utilize procurement services to improve purchasing efficiency and identify potential cost savings. Dryden Group has years of experience working with utility companies and developing customized approaches aligning with each operation's business goals.

Procurement Services for Energy and Utilities

While some energy and utility companies use legacy software and spreadsheets to track their expenditures, the most successful businesses employ a total procurement solution that evaluates each area of their indirect spending. Dryden Group offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to each client's unique requirements, including:

  • Procurement audits: Our procurement auditingprocess gathers critical data from your indirect expenditures, analyzes the results and performs ongoing monitoring to help increase your bottom line.
  • Procurement consulting: Our procurement consultation experts can address one or more areas of your indirect expenditures, helping you develop a custom strategy to increase cost savings, enhance vendor communication and improve process efficiency.
  • Benchmarking: Dryden Group's benchmarking services utilize an extensive database to compare your indirect spending costs against other top companies in the energy and utilities sector.
  • RFP management: Our request for proposal (RFP) management team optimizes your entire RFP process, from determining the most qualified vendors to selecting the best bid package that meets your requirements.
  • Spend assessments: Our spend assessments evaluate all aspects of your indirect spending to determine the best purchasing strategies that align with your business goals.
  • Supplier relationship management: Dryden Group's supplier relationship management services help improve vendor partnerships, from streamlining communication to identifying more favorable payment terms.
  • Program optimization: Our program optimization strategies let you fine-tune your purchasing processes without overhauling them entirely, including streamlining workflows, forecasting market changes and improving communication with suppliers.
  • Mergers and acquisition support: Our merger and acquisition services enable all parties to maximize their purchasing power by grouping their procurement needs together.
  • Contract negotiations: Dryden Group's contract negotiation services help establish your desired pricing points, payment terms, delivery schedules and communication preferences with new or existing vendors.

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Benefits of Choosing Dryden Group for Energy Procurement Consulting Services

Dryden Group boasts top industry experts with years of experience working with some of the market's leading energy and utility companies. Whether you run a small local utility company or manage a multimillion-dollar national organization, our proven procurement strategies can increase your operation's bottom line.

Our team can help your procurement department establish a roadmap for success by strengthening your partnerships with existing suppliers or establishing productive relationships with new ones. We can work closely with your in-house purchasing department to identify improvement areas.

Case Studies

A client selected Dryden Group after a significant lapse in auditing a new indirect spending contract. Having been familiar with the client's indirect spending data, Dryden Group helped recover $200,000 in overcharged items and save over $400,000 for the remainder of the contract. Explore specific details of the case study to discover more about Dryden Group's strategic approach.

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The industry experts at Dryden Group are committed to helping your organization develop an indirect spending strategy that saves you money. We have decades of combined experience working with utility companies and operations in other industries, helping them improve vendor relations and secure the best pricing. Contact us online today to learn more about how our services can benefit your business.

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