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Dryden Group offers targeted procurement consulting services to help your business reduce costs by controlling indirect spend.

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Companies in the food and beverage sector must navigate multiple procurement and supply chain management challenges to remain competitive in an intense business environment. These businesses must be fast, adaptable and resourceful to meet their revenue and profitability objectives.
Developing and implementing a well-crafted purchasing strategy is essential for optimizing efficiency and reducing costs. Indirect spend, which entails sourcing "behind the scenes" goods and services like maintenance repair and operations activities, lab equipment and office supplies, is one area that food and beverage companies must contain to remain profitable. It also presents multiple opportunities for enhanced results.

Consulting Services for the Food and Beverage Industry

Dryden Group is a premier provider of food and beverage procurement consulting services. We focus on finding ways to help businesses like yours identify and control indirect spend and optimize supply chain performance. We'll empower your teams with 360-degree spend transparency.

Our innovative "Best in Market" process will enable your company to:

  • Create unmatched visibility into every indirect spend program in your organization.
  • Recognize the impact of changes in supplier catalogs on the prices of the goods you purchase.
  • Maintain compliance via timely and comprehensive invoice, SKU and item audits.
  • Explore every market avenue to compare all available pricing options.
  • Pinpoint the most favorable contract metrics and terms.

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Benefits of Indirect Procurement Consulting Services for the Food and Beverage Industry

Our food and beverage procurement services can deliver a wide assortment of benefits to your business. Our consultants can help you save money on indirect commodities, regardless of how much you spend. We can also enhance your company's vendor management efforts by consolidating and streamlining your suppliers and assisting you in creating a list of preferred partners that deliver the most reliable results.

Does your company make frequent one-time purchases to fill an immediate need? By helping you improve procurement planning, our team will allow you to minimize this often cost-prohibitive practice that forces you to carry extra inventory you don't need. We can even guide you in establishing current and future purchasing requirements for office supplies and other indirect spend items, enabling you to manage inventory more efficiently and eliminate wasteful spending.

Food and Beverage Procurement Consulting Case Studies and Examples

At Dryden Group, our services for procurement in the food and beverage industry encompass businesses of all types and sizes, including mammoth Fortune 500 companies and smaller entities with a more targeted customer base. Our willingness to adapt to each client's unique needs ensures we provide a focused indirect spend solution that delivers the best results for your organization.

We encourage you to review our case studies to gain a better understanding of what we can do for your business in the short term and beyond.

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