Dryden Group offers an array of government procurement solutions that will minimize the impact of indirect spend.

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Increasingly tighter budgets, vulnerabilities in the supplier base and the lasting impact of the COVID-19 pandemic are a few of the many challenges that government agency purchasing entities face these days. The formality of the goods acquisition process, which typically requires soliciting bids from multiple companies, can also complicate matters.
Due to these and other impactful factors, government agencies conducting business in virtually every industry must find ways to increase purchasing efficiency and cut costs. Harnessing indirect spend — which entails the sourcing of behind-the-scenes but essential goods and services like office supplies and maintenance, repair and operations activities — is one of the best ways to save money and maximize profitability.

Indirect Procurement Consulting Services for the Government

At Dryden Group, improving your government agency's bottom line is our top priority. Our suite of government procurement consulting services can help you manage indirect spend more efficiently, minimizing those hidden costs that are silently draining your budget.

We focus on identifying those expenditures that are generating the most waste while avoiding detection due to their relative insignificance. Our team will collaborate with you to develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for increasing visibility and transparency while maximizing the performance of your agency's procurement organization.

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Benefits of Indirect Spend Consulting Services for the Government

Our consultants can find effective government procurement solutions that add value to your organization in several ways:

  • More favorable contract terms: We'll provide guidance during the bidding and contract negotiation process with vendors to ensure you get the best prices for essential goods and services.
  • Purchasing analysis: Our team will scrutinize your agency's spending patterns to categorize the most efficient practices and uncover areas that present improvement opportunities.
  • Vendor consolidation: It might cost too much to continue doing business with some of your suppliers. We can streamline the list to ensure you're partnering with entities that are meeting your needs without breaking your budget.
  • Verification of supplier compliance: The government procurement process is heavily regulated. Dryden Group has extensive knowledge of these stringent guidelines, which allows us to confirm whether your suppliers are attempting to cut corners and force you to spend more on their goods and services.

Government Procurement Consulting Case Studies and Examples

At Dryden Group, we can improve government indirect procurement for agencies throughout this complex sector. We understand the inherent challenges that indirect spend presents across multiple purchasing categories — and what it takes to overcome them. Our services seamlessly combine unparalleled indirect spend expertise, data analytics and market intelligence to achieve your agency's cost containment objectives.

Find out how Dryden Group has helped organizations in government and many other industries increase efficiencies and save money by reviewing our informative, real-world client case studies.

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