Dryden Group can help your insurance company to streamline your procurement processes, saving you time and money.

Insurance Industry

As the costs to run a company continue rising, managing all expenses — even the small ones — is more critical than ever. Procurement management is especially crucial for insurance companies that need to reduce their expenses. Here at Dryden Group, we can streamline your procurement process and manage your indirect spend to save your insurance company money and time.

Indirect Procurement Consultants for Insurance Companies

Indirect spend refers to expenses required for a company to operate. These indirect expenses do not affect your product output directly but are essential for your business to run smoothly. Examples of indirect spending include:

  • Marketing costs
  • Equipment
  • IT and accounting services
  • Office supplies

We can assist you with responsible indirect spend management. Our procurement consulting services for insurance companies involve:

Researching Sourcing Options

Our consultants will conduct thorough research to source the best suppliers and service providers to cater to all your operational needs. Sourcing involves getting the best prices and value for your money.

Maintaining Professional Relationships With Suppliers

You may not always have time to contact suppliers and get what you need. Our team can close contracts and handle supplier relations to ensure you get the correct goods and services.

Managing Requests, Orders, Invoices and Payments

It’s easy to fall behind on administrative tasks such as invoicing and making payments. However, these responsibilities are essential to keeping proper financial records and maintaining supplier relations.

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Benefits of Choosing Dryden Group for a Customized Retail Procurement Strategy

Allowing an expert procurement consultant to handle your insurance company’s indirect spend offers many advantages. Dryden Group has a team of expert consultants who can offer your business a range of benefits, such as:

Professional Support for Smooth Operation

As a leader in our industry, we use tried and tested sourcing processes to ensure you get real value without breaking your budget. Our strategic sourcing services identify areas where your business can reduce costs to save more money. We can help you provide a pleasant experience for your policyholders.

Tracking Marketing Changes

Our expert knowledge allows us to spot market changes early, helping your company stay ahead of the competition. We gather timely information so you can make intelligent decisions and adjust to any changes in the industry.

Seamless Supplier Relations

We will be the primary point of contact for all your suppliers to streamline the communication and procurement process, saving your insurance company valuable time. Count on us to maintain positive relationships with new and existing suppliers and service providers, ensuring on-time deliveries and quality supplies.

Insurance Procurement Consulting Case Studies and Examples

One of our Fortune 100 companies sought our advice on renewing an existing contract or running a Request for Proposal (RFP). Our client wanted to ensure they were still receiving the best value from their current distributor. With our expertise, we approached the renewal as an RFP to renegotiate terms and help our client obtain the best deal, saving them $1.2 million.

Trusted Procurement Consulting for the Insurance Industry

Dryden Group has over a decade of industry experience. We can streamline your entire procurement process to reduce your indirect spending. Contact us today to learn more about our competitive procurement services for insurance companies.

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