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Heavy equipment and machinery companies trust Dryden Group for the industry's best procurement tools and consulting services.

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Companies that manufacture or distribute machinery and heavy equipment understand the importance of minimizing costs to stay competitive. With a growing number of overseas competitors marketing their products globally, local companies must evaluate all procurement activity across their organization to compete, including their indirect spending. Dryden Group boasts top procurement experts familiar with the heavy equipment industry, allowing clients to streamline their purchasing processes, improve vendor relations and increase their bottom lines.

Procurement Consulting Services for Heavy Equipment Companies

The industry experts at Dryden Group have years of combined experience working with heavy equipment companies, helping them improve procurement efficiency and secure the best prices for indirect supplies and services. We have a vast knowledge of the industry and leverage years of data with the top tools to create an optimized purchasing strategy unique to your organization.

The specific services we provide are:

  • Procurement consulting services: Dryden Group's procurement consulting experts create visibility into your indirect spending to increase purchasing efficiency and generate cost savings.
  • Spend assessments: By collecting, classifying and analyzing your procurement data, our spend assessments help improve vendor relationships, increase efficiency and reduce costs.
  • Contract negotiations: Our contract negotiation experts perform marketplace comparisons, review terms and conditions and develop conflict resolution steps to ensure all elements align with your needs.
  • Contract negotiations: We can handle all the elements of your vendor contract negotiations including setting up payment terms, conducting price comparisons with other suppliers and handling invoicing disputes.
  • Supplier relationship management: Dryden Group's supplier relationship management services gather and organize all your vendor data to identify the improvements needed for a more productive supplier partnership.
  • Mergers and acquisition services: For companies with multiple sites or satellite facilities, our merger and acquisition services combine the purchasing power of all locations into one optimized strategy.
  • RFP services: Request for proposals (RFPs) contain all the indirect supplies and services your operations utilize, including your needs and expectations from prospective vendors.
  • Procurement audits:: Our procurement auditing services analyze every detail of your operation's indirect expenditures and recommend adjustments to improve your bottom line.
  • Benchmarking: Our benchmarking experts use data from similar companies and market-driven research to determine whether your business is receiving the best pricing on goods and services.
  • Program optimization: Our program optimization services involve an in-depth analysis of all your purchases and procurement data to identify the areas that can benefit from improvement.

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Benefits of Industrial Machine Companies Using Dryden Group's Procurement Services

Procuring high-quality supplies and services at the pricing points you need is one of the keys to your company's success. When you partner with Dryden Group, we'll develop a tailor-made strategy based on your organization's unique needs to ensure you receive the best unit prices or most beneficial long-term contracts. We'll work alongside your full-time procurement team, leveraging your expertise with our expansive industry knowledge.

Additional benefits of partnering with us include:

  • Enhancing communication with your vendor base.
  • Proactively identifying problems in your supply chain.
  • Establishing productive relationships with new suppliers.
  • Developing new procurement strategies that save you money.

Discover More With Dryden Group

If you're ready to take the next step in implementing our top-class procurement tools and services into your operation, the experts at Dryden Group can assist you. We'll analyze your indirect spending and develop a custom plan based on your company's needs and goals. Connect with a team member today to get started.

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