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Nonprofits rely on federal funding, grants and donations from the government, donors and the community to sustain their operations. Several regulations require nonprofits to keep track of purchases and payments to ensure donation monies are used ethically.
These limited funds — alongside the other challenges nonprofits face — mean nonprofits need procurement opportunities to sustain themselves. Dryden Group is a procurement consultant for nonprofits that can help you acquire necessary goods and services while complying with regulations.

Indirect Procurement Consultant Services for Nonprofits

Our nonprofit procurement services include:

  • Contract management: Dryden Group makes the contracting process faster with simple authoring, approval and tracking tools. You can reduce the cycle time for quick negotiations and increase stakeholder collaboration through flexibility, visibility and transparency.
  • Procurement benchmarking: Our procurement benchmarking service uses supplier and company data to enhance procurement methods and impact your bottom line.
  • Program optimization: With program optimization, your business can adjust its procurement processes by eliminating redundancies and streamlining workflows to enhance efficiency and cost savings.
  • Request management: Request management manages the process of raising a request or purchasing a good or service. Approve hierarchical workflow structures, enhance collaboration across departments, request a specific form and more.
  • Spend assessments: Our spend analysis tools help nonprofits improve their catalog, purchase order (PO) management functions and requisition.
  • Sourcing: Our team can help nonprofits source beneficial suppliers. Our tools navigate simple and complex categories to meet your needs.
  • Supplier management: We will help you manage your supplier performance through collaborative performance measurements. You can identify potential supplier risks, enhance compliance, reduce cycle time and be better prepared for supplier onboarding.

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Benefits of Our Nonprofit Procurement Best Practices

Partnering with Dryden Group for procurement services can result in several advantages for your nonprofit, including:

  • Cost savings: Your nonprofit can decrease costs on future procurements by pinpointing and addressing problems with its current process.
  • Reduced risks: Our team can help you gain insights into potential concerns with your procurements, such as supplier conflicts and flaws in the bidding process. You can use these insights to reduce overall risk.
  • Enhanced performance: Resolving issues with your procurement strategy and lowering risk can lead to improved procurement performance for your nonprofit.

Nonprofit Procurement Consulting Expertise

Dryden Group has extensive experience with nonprofits. We understand the unique procurement challenges your sector faces, including:

  • Restricted purchasing power compared to larger organizations that limits nonprofits to few suppliers.
  • Ineligibility for bulk discounts, which negatively impact the procurement process.
  • Compliance with ever-changing regulations regarding purchase justification to be eligible for federal funding.
  • Documentation for purchases above your threshold to prove your funds are appropriately used.

Choose Dryden Group as Your Nonprofit Procurement Consultant

Dryden Group has over 10 years of experience with indirect procurement and cost containment for various industries, including nonprofit. Our procurement services are the best in the market due to our continuous innovation and in-depth procurement knowledge.
We are ready to help your nonprofit achieve its procurement goals. Contact us today to speak with a nonprofit procurement consultant.

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