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Dryden Group offers retail operations an extensive suite of procurement consulting services to help optimize indirect spending.

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The supply market for packaging companies has undergone significant changes in recent years, from the increasing demand for raw materials and supply shortages to company mergers and intensified competition. Purchasing departments must evaluate activity across their entire organization to remain competitive and keep pace with the competition, particularly with indirect spending. The industry experts at Dryden Group have a proven track record of working with these companies to optimize their purchasing processes and improve their bottom lines.

Purchasing Consulting Services for Paper and Packaging Companies

Our packaging industry expertise and exceptional supply chain knowledge enable us to help businesses increase product quality, improve procurement efficiencies and maximize profitability.

Examples of our primary service offerings include:

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Advantages of Partnering With Dryden Group for Paper and Packaging Procurement Services

Our decades of expertise working with some of the industry's most recognized paper and packaging companies have enabled us to compile significant procurement data that we can leverage in your favor. Besides creating a tailor-made strategy to help reduce purchasing costs, we can optimize your procurement processes to minimize time and improve efficiencies. Regardless of the size of your company or budget, our experts can identify areas to help save you money and get more out of your indirect expenditures.

In addition, our services can help strengthen your relationships with existing vendors or establish productive partnerships with new ones. Whether you utilize a long-term purchasing contract or buy on an as-needed basis, we can help you develop a spending approach that meets your needs and expectations.

Case Studies

A client facing a 12-month indirect spending auditing lapse chose Dryden Group to evaluate its purchasing data to determine contract compliance and collect overcharges. Dryden Group's benchmarking program helped the client collect more than $200,000 in discrepancies while saving $400,000 over the remainder of the agreement. Continue reading to browse more of the case study's specific details.

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If you want to learn more about how our procurement consulting services can benefit your paper and packaging company, the experts at Dryden Group can guide you. Whether you need to make significant changes to multiple purchasing strategies or fine-tune a few processes, our procurement solutions can help save you money and improve efficiency. Connect with our team online today to get started.

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