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Do you need an expert to manage your procurement processes? Dryden Group offers procurement services for the hospitality and travel industry!

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The travel and hospitality industry is becoming more competitive each year. Business owners and supply chain managers have to be cost-efficient and hyper-aware of market changes. The procurement process can place additional pressure on your business. At Dryden Group, we offer procurement services for the hospitality and travel industry. You can hand these complex tasks to our professionals for the best results.

Indirect Procurement Consulting Services for the Hospitality and Travel Industry

Direct procurement acquires goods and services necessary for your restaurant or hotel to have a finished product. On the other hand, indirect procurement involves goods and services required for your business to operate. At Dryden, we offer comprehensive procurement consulting for the hospitality and travel industry, including:

Contract Negotiation

We can be the primary contact point between you and your suppliers, saving time by streamlining communication. Our expertise enables us to negotiate contract terms to ensure they meet your needs and offer value.

Sourcing Equipment

It’s easier to manage direct costs when you’re constantly tracking your orders and products. However, indirect expenses can slip under the radar, making it more challenging to monitor your expenses. We can help you source high-quality and energy-efficient appliances and fixtures at the best prices to reduce operating costs.

Managing Payments

We understand the challenges of managing payments for large businesses. Our procurement services cover payment terms and management to help you monitor cash flow.

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Benefits of Hospitality and Travel Industry Procurement Consulting Services

Why should you outsource your procurement tasks? There are many reasons to entrust Dryden with your procurement processes, such as:

More Time for Other Business Activities

By handing complex procurement processes to our expert team, you have more time for essential business tasks, such as monitoring customer satisfaction and building your brand. We will take care of orders, invoices, payments and everything in between, giving you peace of mind and saving you time.

Stay Relevant With Changes in the Market

As expert, we stay up to date with changes in the hospitality industry. We monitor purchasing data and the latest equipment and software, ensuring you take advantage of every opportunity.

Maintain Consistent Quality and Supplier Relations

Our professional hospitality procurement services strive for consistent quality. We will maintain supplier relations to ensure you get the same products and services each time you need them.

Hospitality and Travel Industry Procurement Consulting Case Studies and Examples

When one of our Fortune 100 clients came to us for guidance on whether they should renew their existing contract or run a Request for Proposal (RFP), we stepped up and helped them make the best decision for their business. Our experts analyzed the contract and issued an RFP to their current distributor, requesting better terms to meet our client’s needs. In the end, we saved our client $1.2 million.

Partner With an Expert Hospitality Procurement Company

When it comes to industry knowledge, you can count on Dryden Group. With over 10 years of procurement experience, we have tried and tested methods that produce noticeable results, saving our clients valuable time and money. If you would like to know more about our procurement services for the hospitality and travel industry, contact us online.

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