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Effective contract negotiation plays a prominent role in the procurement cycle. The lack of a comprehensive contract, as well as in-depth review of contract drafts, poses a risk to both parties, specifically buyers. The absence of price protection and the inclusion of sale or price terminology that misleads the buyer are both examples of potential pitfalls during contract negotiations that lend strength to the seller, rather than the buyer.
At Dryden Group, we will work closely with your procurement team to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome for you and your suppliers. Our world-class procurement and contract management solutions will help you overcome the obstacles that can stand in the way of a successful and mutually beneficial negotiation. Our professional negotiation services also include contract drafting that will protect your rights and provide an equitable agreement for all parties.
Our professional negotiation services
also include contract drafting that will protect your rights and provide an equitable agreement for all parties.

Benefits of Our Contract Negotiation Services

The many advantages of our contract procurement process include:
  • Comprehensive review: Our experts will conduct a thorough review of the document to ensure the proposal encompasses all relevant criteria.
  • Review of terms and conditions: We will execute a complete review of all contract terms that involve pricing, conditions, compliance, supplier service obligations and performance metrics of purchasers and suppliers.
  • Conflict resolution steps: Conflicts can arise during the performance of even a well-drafted contract. Dryden Group will ensure the implementation of appropriate measures to resolve disputes equitably and expeditiously.
  • Marketplace comparison: A reliable method for evaluating the fairness of a contract is comparing its terms and conditions with similar agreements in the same vertical market. Dryden Group has the resources, connections and insight to deliver this invaluable service.
  • Identifying the meeting point: The most successful negotiations are those where the parties can achieve a meeting of the minds. Our skilled, experienced negotiators have the savvy to identify the most pressing needs of each side and find the means to bring them together.

Methodical Approach to Procurement and Contract Management

Intelligent contract negotiations rely on facts instead of assumptions or suppositions. At Dryden Group, we understand the importance of research before commencing the negotiation process. We take the time to uncover the facts that relate to the current supply chain environment and determine how they will impact your negotiations. When combined with our years of procurement contract expertise, you can be sure you will be fully armed when entering the negotiating process.

Avoid the Pitfalls That Can Set Your Procurement Process Back

Inconsistent purchasing practices and the failure to secure competitive rates are common symptoms of insufficient or even imprudent procurement and contract management practices. At Dryden Group, a primary reason we’ve become one of the most trusted negotiation consulting firms is our ability to help clients avoid these common pitfalls. We’ll ensure you are working with reliable, reputable suppliers, and if necessary, help you locate more suitable vendors. It’s part of our commitment to assist you in negotiating the most favorable contract for you and your suppliers.
At Dryden Group
our premium contract negotiation services can benefit your procurement process now and in the future.
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