Lab Supplies Procurement

Procurement is always a challenge for businesses, but it’s especially difficult when you need specialized products like lab supplies. The market for lab supplies is unique, and navigating that market successfully requires unique knowledge.
At Dryden Group, we work with companies in a wide range of industries, from Healthcare to Higher Ed, helping them to secure the lab supplies needed to best serve their customers and clients. When you need lab supplies procurement services that make a difference on your bottom line, choose the experience and knowledge you’ll find at Dryden Group.

Specialized Procurement That Needs Expert Support

One of the main challenges with laboratory supplies procurement is that there are so many smaller categories and so many potential vendors. How can you find the time to gain the in-depth understanding of these categories and vendors needed to make strong procurement decisions?
When you choose Dryden Group for lab supplies procurement, you instantly gain access to the experience and knowledge you need, as well as a database of spend statistics and direct vendor records. Together, this experience, knowledge and information become the foundation from which you make the best lab supplies procurement decisions for your business.

A Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We provide a range of lab procurement services, such as helping with benchmarking your current spending on lab supplies and comparing that spending against the market. We gain a deep understanding of your unique needs and pair you with suppliers that are suited to meet them. Additionally, we can evaluate supplier renewal proposals and provide feedback on whether or not you should explore other options.
Our comprehensive lab supplies procurement services are rooted in our experience in this space, and every recommendation we make is designed to help you save in the long run.

Expert Recommendations Based on Real-Time Knowledge

Like many niche categories, the lab supplies market is constantly shifting and in flux. If you are left to examine the market only every few years when contracts expire, your knowledge and understanding of the market is going to be dated and ineffective.
When you work with us, we bring a real-time knowledge and understanding of the lab supplies procurement market to each client engagement. Our team members who work in lab procurement services know what’s going on at any time, giving them the opportunity to help you make the best decisions at a moment’s notice.

Save With Dryden Group

Since 2001, Dryden Group has helped clients save more than $1.5 billion through lab supplies procurement and similar procurement services. Indirect spending doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, but it can be a source of great savings — if you have the right partner for laboratory supplies procurement and other procurement services. At Dryden Group, we are passionate about helping companies in a wide range of industries unlock hidden savings through optimized procurement and a better approach to indirect spending. When you’re ready to save on lab supplies procurement, we’re ready to help.
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