Lab Supply Procurement Services

Procurement can be a challenge for businesses that need specialized products like lab supplies. The market for lab supplies is unique, and navigating that sector requires advanced knowledge.
At Dryden Group, we work with companies in industries from healthcare to higher education. We help them secure the lab supplies needed to serve their customers and clients best. When you need lab supplies procurement services that make a difference on your bottom line, choose Dryden Group.

Specialized Procurement That Needs Expert Support

One of the main challenges associated with lab supplies procurement is that this task involves many smaller categories and potential vendors. How can you find the time to gain the in-depth understanding needed to make strong procurement decisions? Lab directors have several responsibilities, including managing employees, current spending, inventory, and more. You need someone who can help you monitor the supplies market.
When you choose Dryden Group, you gain access to the experience you need, a database of spend statistics and direct vendor records. These resources become the foundation from which you make the best lab supplies procurement decisions for your business.

Direct, Indirect and Supply Chain Procurement

Laboratories need supplies for numerous reasons all across the map. At Dryden Group, we understand that you might need procurement for any number of services, so we offer:
  • Direct procurement: These are the materials you need to create a final product for the customer. You'll buy these items at the cost of goods sold (COGS) or goods for resale (GFR). Typically, direct procurement has less supply and fewer purchasers.
  • Indirect procurement: These are goods not for resale (GNFR) — the items and services you need to operate. Our team acts on your behalf, and our consultants are beneficial because of the sheer number of buyers and sellers involved.
  • Supply chain: This conversation does not relate directly to procurement, though it's still important. Supply chain consultants focus on how your organization can send and receive within the entire supply chain.
We know that indirect procurement is often the most overlooked in a business. That's why our team has made it our specialization. We want to simplify the process, so we engage in numerous best practices to find the lab supplies you need at a fair cost.

A Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

We provide a range of procurement services for lab supplies, such as help with benchmarking your current spending on lab supplies. We gain a deep understanding of your unique needs and pair you with suppliers suited to meet them. We can also evaluate supplier renewal proposals . We use this information to provide feedback on whether you should explore other options. Our supplier management services allow you to assess their performance in all these ways and more.
Our comprehensive procurement services are rooted in our experience in this space. Every recommendation we make is designed to help you save in the long run. Other services provided by our consultants include:
  • Assessments on your spending: We look at your current spending and pinpoint areas where you could save money. Doing so will allow you the opportunity to make better decisions about where you get your supplies from.
  • Examinations of supplier relationship management: Our services will help you form a stronger connection with your suppliers. The Dryden Group works to make sure your relationship benefits you both.
  • Analyzation of your merger and acquisition process: We provide you with the tools necessary to work through mergers and reorganization.
  • Negotiations of your contracts: Our team will look at your contracts to ensure compliance. If you need better terms, we will renegotiate where necessary as well.
  • Audits on your materials and data: We will look at your information — from stock-keeping units (SKUs) — to invoices to look for overcharges and compliance regulations.
  • Discussions with your suppliers: We speak directly with your suppliers for you. Efficient, effective communication improves supplier relationships and performance.
  • Evaluations of your strategy: We know that one approach won't work forever. That's why we consistently look over your plan and make modifications as necessary to meet changing demands.

Benefits of Using a Procurement Consultant for Lab Supplies

Procuring the products you need allows your business to thrive. However, with all the tasks currently on your plate, you might need some assistance in this category. That's where we come in. At the Dryden Group, we can evaluate all the complex jargon to make your life simpler. Our proven tactics allow you to grow by:
  • Streamlining communication with your suppliers.
  • Identifying potential problems in your supply chain before they cause you challenges.
  • Connecting you with new suppliers and evaluating those relationships.
  • Suggesting new strategies for indirect procurement that will help you save money.
  • Analyzing trends in the market to look for potential pitfalls.

Expert Recommendations Based on Real-Time Knowledge

Like many niche categories, the lab supplies market is constantly shifting and in flux. If you are left to examine the market only every few years when contracts expire, your understanding of the market will be dated and ineffective.
We bring real-time knowledge of the lab supplies procurement market to each client engagement when you work with us. Our team members who work in lab procurement services know what's going on at any time, allowing them to help you make the best decisions at a moment's notice.

Save With Dryden Group

Since 2001, Dryden Group has helped clients save more than $1.5 billion through our procurement services. Indirect spending doesn't always get the attention it deserves. Still, it can be a source of significant savings if you have the right partner for procurement services .
We're passionate about helping you unlock hidden savings through optimized procurement for indirect spending. When you're ready to save on lab supplies procurement, we're prepared to help.
Contact us today to learn more about our lab supply purchasing consultants.
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