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Dryden can guide your M&A procurement strategy to seamlessly integrate your supply sources, vendor relationships, and corporate cultures.

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Mergers and acquisitions allow organizations to grow their resources financially and work with the cream of the crop while increasing their market share. When done well, a merger or acquisition can create brilliant, creative and innovative energy and bring maximum value to both parties. You can bring your business into a whole new era and corner the market with a carefully chosen merger.


An acquisition is a unique opportunity to create a new corporate culture and mindset within your operation. Welcoming a new part of your business can optimize your team's performance to everyone's benefit. Using your merger's new leverage will also help you save an extraordinary amount on procurement costs after an acquisition. At the end of the day, your merger will build long-term value for your company that surpasses what you could ever achieve individually.

Why Partner With a Merger and Acquisitions Consultant?

When you fail to plan the details of your merger and acquisition's procurement plan, you're planning to fail. Merger consultants take the guesswork out of creating a unified indirect procurement and supply chain. Unlike individual businesses, consultants like Dryden Group have access to countless insights based on the supply market and their experience in the field. A consultant can take the many complex ingredients of your unique merger and create a fulfilling outcome for every party.
Merger and acquisition consultants have the power to make your business's merger go smoothly so you can maximize value and create a comfortable transition for employees in both parties. At the beginning of the merger process, consultants will examine corporate cultures and analyze the procurement process to identify areas for improvement and potential savings. Your business will have more leverage and money-saving options when we help you eliminate procurement waste and streamline the full buying power of both parties.
Once you've successfully carried out the transition, merger and acquisition support services start delivering hard-dollar savings for the new company through identifying room for new cost-effective measures and mitigating financial risks. Consultants may reorganize supply sources or use the new leverage of their size to drive down prices and find places for savings. During this time period, the acquisition consultant will perform a thorough audit of spending and identify areas of waste to create a lean budget. Consultants may also be responsible for vendor analysis.

Key Benefits

To be successful mergers and acquisitions must foster a seamless incorporation of various supply sources, vendor relationships, and corporate cultures. Hiring a consultant to oversee your merger and acquisition procurement will give you several benefits, including:
  • Shortening the timeline needed to see the payoff of procurement savings.
  • Combining the power of both parties' procurement practices and create new policies.
  • Streamlining complicated procurement processes to enhance supply chain management.
  • Leveraging the power of each parties' procurement software to find the best solution.

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The good news is that you don’t have to attempt to navigate the murky M&A transaction waters by yourself. The Dryden Group offers premium mergers and acquisition services targeted toward the procurement process. Our team of experienced professionals will perform a comprehensive mergers and acquisitions analysis that will help you avoid the common pitfalls that hinder a smooth transition. You can trust our more than 20 years of M&A expertise to deliver the best results during every phase of the process, including pre- and postmerger.

Our M&A Services Offer Numerous Benefits for All Parties

Performing Due Diligence

The Dryden Group consulting team will conduct a thorough analysis of the procurement processes of all parties to determine strengths and identify weaknesses. This allows the parties involved to move confidently through the transaction process.

Executing a Spend Analysis

A primary goal of the pre-M&A process is to ensure the newly formed organization is as lean and mean as possible. We’ll perform a complete spend analysis for all M&A entities to address inefficiencies and areas of waste.

Leveraging Economies of Scale

Our analysis can also find the most effective ways to maximize and combine the resources of each entity, with the goal of reducing post-M&A procurement costs.

Conducting Vendor Analysis

It is highly probable that the merger of two similar entities will create a situation where each has been purchasing the same products. Our services include a supplier review to determine areas of overlap. We will also cull the vendor lists and renegotiate contracts if necessary.

Why Choose Dryden Group as Your Mergers and Acquisitions Consulting Firm?

At the Dryden Group, your bottom line is our top priority. We offer premium mergers and acquisitions services targeted toward the procurement process and we have a proven track record of attaining successful results during all types of mergers and acquisitions, and we can do the same for your transactions.
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