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See how Dryden Group can help you optimize your company's print spending.

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At Dryden Group, we've been helping companies just like yours maximize their print spending for more than 20 years. We offer a suite of advanced procurement and benchmarking services that will help you. They can rationalize your enterprise print environment and drive better supplier performance. We can also increase diversity spend, produce environmental savings, and reduce overall cost.

and Optimize

We'll work with you to understand your current state of print, then help you develop a customized purchasing strategy. We base it on your company's unique needs for technological innovation and budget considerations.

Indirect, Direct or Supply Chain Procurement

You need print supplies for your business. Keep your business running efficiently with the help of the Dryden Group. We offer procurement for:
  • Indirect procurement: In this case, your print supplies are goods not for resale (GNFR). These items are the ones you need to operate your business each day rather than the products you sell to your customers. Our consultants communicate with a large number of buyers and sellers to help you find the best cost-effective products.
  • Direct procurement: You use these supplies to create a finalized item for customers. The costs are measured at goods for resale (GFR) prices.
  • Supply chain: This type is not exactly a type of procurement. However, a consultant will examine your entire supply chain to see how you can send and receive items efficiently.
At Dryden Group, we mainly look at your indirect spend. Our supportive team wants to know what you need to make your business work, and we are committed to helping you get it. This process is one of the most complex tasks associated with print sourcing and procurement, yet it goes ignored often. Our team understands the value of the indirect procurement process and will engage in several practices to ensure that we meet your needs.

Our Procurement Services for Print Offer a Host of Valuable Benefits

The Dryden team includes expert consultants who can analyze your existing procurement contracts and procedures. Doing so will provide numerous benefits for your organization:
  • We audit your past and present print spend to pinpoint waste areas and find cost-effective ways to eliminate them. Bringing clarity to this baseline allows you to make your print solution decision with more confidence.
  • We'll help you understand benchmark solutions that closely align with the needs of your business.
  • We will more closely align the performance of the supplier to your business strategy.
  • We help drive increased diversity spend and environmental savings.
  • We assist you in negotiating more favorable terms with your current supplier. We can also identify more relevant sources if necessary.
  • We will audit everything in your business. We will go by line items, services and stock-keeping units (SKUs) to ensure your vendors are in compliance and you won't run into overcharges.
  • We assist you with the merger and acquisition process. Our teams help you with everything from premerger information to structure changes.
  • We analyze request for proposal (RFP) procedures to help your organization make the process more efficient.

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Using a Procurement Consultant for Print Supplies

Getting your print supply products ensures that your business operates smoothly. Our team at the Dryden Group assists you in procuring these supplies so that you can maintain focus on other parts of your business and make better use of your time. We'll evaluate your contracts, supply chain and more to see where we can make your life simpler and more cost-effective. We help you by:
  • Ensuring a single point of contact with your suppliers.
  • Forging connections with new suppliers and constantly evaluating those relationships.
  • Analyzing your supply chain for weaknesses or other issues before they cause more significant problems.
  • Finding new indirect procurement strategies that cut down on costs.
  • Examining the market to find any issues before they get to you.
  • Changing your approach to match your goals, economics and more.
When you use a print procurement manager, you reap all these benefits without putting in as much time and money as you would if you were managing these processes in-house. You already have several jobs to handle on a day-to-day basis. Our procurement services take some of that weight off your shoulders so that you can focus on the jobs you do best.
We handle your supplier management relations, allowing you to get the quality materials you need for your operations. Work with us for help with strategic sourcing today.

Why Choose Dryden Group for Your Document Print Procurement Services?

Dryden offers a proven, data-driven methodology based on our many years of experience. We make a point of establishing a long-term partnership with each client to understand their needs and objectives better. We're committed to finding ways to help you get the most out of every investment. We align your contracts to your present and future needs. We also eliminate nonessential contract terms that are draining your organization's profits.

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