Dryden Group focuses on finding ways to help our clients save money on indirect commodities, regardless of how much they’re already spending.

What is Procurement

Procurement strategy and consulting give your organization direction on acquiring and delivering the products and services essential to your business. With a robust procurement strategy, you can minimize risk while predicting future costs and keeping them low.

Types of Procurement Consulting

  • Direct procurement: With direct procurement, your business buys at the cost of goods sold (COGS) or goods for resale (GFR). Direct procurement is most frequently used when businesses need ingredients, raw materials and commodities. Consultants or managers lead this chain of procurement, which has both fewer buyers and suppliers.
  • Indirect procurement: Dryden Group procurement consulting services focus on indirect procurement processes specifically. In indirect procurement, goods are sold at goods not for resale (GNFR) prices and the costs typically don't go into the final product. Indirect procurement consultants generally don't hold the budget — they act on behalf of the decision-maker and budget holder. Indirect procurement is the most complex type of procurement as it requires in-depth knowledge of many suppliers and buyers in an organization.
  • Supply chain: Supply chain consultations and services sit just outside the chain of procurement and use a different set of specified knowledge. Most supply chain consultants work on either fulfillment or logistics in regards to the end customer.

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Why Use a Procurement Consultant?

Procurement consultants give you the power you need to gain a competitive advantage and grow your business. From understanding client business requirements to identifying opportunities for new procurement growth, procurement consultants optimize your business performance. Procurement consultants perform the following operations:
  • Act as a singular and streamlined point of contact with the suppliers.
  • Keep track of your base supply and identify potential problems before they begin.
  • Continuously evaluate your current procurement strategy and adapt it to new challenges.
  • Create strong relationships with new suppliers and continually evaluate them.
  • Recommend creative indirect procurement strategies that can save you money.
  • Monitor and evaluate current market trends for shortages and price increases.
  • Evolve procurement strategies over time to address economic and operational factors.
Using all of these factors, a procurement consultant creates a long-term strategy for how your business should secure your supply chain and keep it going for years to come. When you take control of this information and set everything up in advance, you can minimize risks and reduce total procurement costs to give your business an edge over the competition.

We Offer Procurement Consulting in Critical Areas That Affect Your Business

Dryden Group gives you access to a team of professional procurement consultants with unmatched expertise in the following areas:

Why Should You Consider Using Procurement Consulting Services From Dryden Group?

The Dryden Group brings more than 20 years of experience to the procurement consulting process. We’ve helped numerous companies across a broad spectrum of industries improve their bottom line by getting their indirect spend under control. We also understand that a one-size-fits-all approach to consulting does not work for every organization. We’ll help you select the ideal combination of services that address your unique needs.
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