Program Optimization

Optimizing a program can be a massive undertaking for an organization. Companies realize the importance of program optimization, but do not have the data nor resources necessary to strategically optimize a program. At Dryden, we have the data as well as the expertise needed to effectively reduce and rationalize supplier product offerings in order to drive savings and increase efficiency.

The Program Optimization Process

Our team can step in at any time during a program and optimize. The process begins with a comprehensive review of your data and purchases. Using our extensive internal database of spend statistics and vendor records, we look for opportunities to realize improvements, gain efficiencies, and reduce redundant product offerings. We work with you to ensure that essential products remain intact, while rationalizing as many products as possible. Lastly, we work directly with your suppliers to ensure effective and timely implementation. As your strategic partner, Dryden Group can help you optimize your programs to drive both savings and internal efficiency.

Why Choose Dryden Group?

Since 2001, Dryden Group has helped companies enjoy more than $1.5 billion in savings. A large portion of those savings emerge from our indirect procurement benchmarking services, and other portions of those savings are related to procurement audits and other services we provide. Are you missing out on valuable savings on indirect spending? Make sure you’re maximizing your investments when you choose Dryden Group for indirect commodity benchmarking or similar procurement services for your business.
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