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Are you in need of facility services, but you don’t know where to start? What about IT consulting, but you don’t know the best providers? Or are you requiring project management support, but you don’t know who specializes in your industry?
An RFP is the solution in each of these situations, but an RFP is only effective if it is well crafted and put in front of the right prospective vendors. At Dryden Group, we provide indirect RFP management services that ensure your RFP is constructed effectively and that it gets to the right vendors for the services you need. Over the long-term, working with an RFP management company during the RFP process can deliver huge savings and benefits to your organization.

Crafting the Right RFP

Creating the right RFP is an art form. If you fail to ask the right questions or solicit the right information, you may not have all you need to take a next step in the process. If you ask for too much, you may lead qualified vendors to pass on submitting proposals.
At Dryden Group, we lean on our depth of experience to provide outstanding indirect procurement RFP management services. We’ve worked with companies across a broad range of industries and helped them start the RFP process by creating the right questions and asking for the right information.

Inviting the Right Vendors Into the Process

Through our nearly two decades of experience as an RFP management company, we’ve also had a chance to work with many of the vendors that typically respond to RFPs. Our experience and knowledge in this area allows us to recommend the right vendors to invite into the RFP process.
One of the biggest failures companies experience with RFPs is failing to get the responses they need. With our indirect commodity RFP consulting, we make recommendations for companies that would make good fits with your RFP process — no matter the services you’re looking to secure.

Discerning Good Proposals From Bad

After your RFP deadlines, it’s time to analyze the responses and narrow down the possibilities. But, given how in-depth many RFP questions can be, it can sometimes be difficult to compare proposals. An RFP management company can help you evaluate submissions and make recommendations on which ones would make the best fits with your needs.

Negotiating Favorable Contracts

The final step in any RFP process is the negotiating and signing of contracts. We are experts at helping clients secure contracts with the best possible vendors to meet their indirect spend needs. Our RFP management services are comprehensive and are designed to see you through from beginning to end — including the signing of a favorable contract with a highly-qualified vendor.

Discover the Different Dryden Group can Make

Since 2001, we’ve been supporting clients with a wide range of procurement services, including indirect commodity RFP management. Our services have helped save clients more than $1.5 billion over that time. If you need indirect RFP management or other support and service for your procurement, Dryden Group is your source for expertise and guidance that makes a difference in your bottom line.
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