Dryden partners with DeepStream to offer you the best in cutting-edge RFx tools.

RFP Management Services, Powered by DeepStream: Dryden's expertise and relevant experience, paired with DeepStream's RFP software, provides clients with a powerful solution to tackle their sourcing needs and improve their RFP process.

Dryden has been providing RFP management services to clients for over 20 years. We have assisted clients of all sizes and across diverse industries and procurement categories in carrying out comprehensive sourcing events.

Over the course of our extensive experience, we have discovered that having the right strategic sourcing software can greatly enhance the RFP process. This is why we have partnered with DeepStream, a leading cloud based procurement software.

Easy eProcurement

User-friendliness is top of mind with DeepStream. The manual RFP process can be burdensome. Procurement teams can quickly become bogged down when drafting ms word proposals, organizing RFP responses, and analyzing excel RFPs files. DeepStream enhances the procurement process by leveraging automation tools and streamlining your sourcing workflows on to one unified platform.

Structure and Standardization

DeepStream lets your team regain control of their time and leverage an automation solution to create structured sourcing events. By leveraging the ability to create templates and utilize approved content, users save time during the proposal creation process. Users are also more likely to create error free proposals. With standardized due diligence questionnaires and approved proposal workflows, you both increase compliance and improve efficiency.

Flexible User Management

One of the platform's key features is its user management capabilities. User Permissions can be easily granted, managed, and edited. Team leaders can have "super user" access. Proposal teams can have "full user" access. Certain business units and external collaborators can have "evaluator only" permissions. Sales Teams can have "read-only" permissions. This tool offers unparalleled flexibility, empowering large teams to effectively manage information and seamlessly collaborate with the precise level of access required.

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Powerful Collaboration and Centralization

Communication, document exchanges, and supplier actions are all recorded and easily accessible within DeepStream. This enhanced collaboration and centralization has numerous benefits and features, including:
  • Increased visibility: With real time visibility into the response process, you can track progress amongst suppliers, and react accordingly.
  • Simplified RFP response management: Easily respond to suppliers and provide guidance.
  • Improved selection process: With a built-in evaluation module, you can evaluate supplier responses easily and collaboratively.
  • Auditability: With the ability to see time-stamped actions for both live and past RFPs, you can reduce compliance risks. This is especially important for sensitive sourcing events, such as for government contractors.


DeepStream makes it easy for suppliers to participate in sourcing events. Since DeepStream is a cloud based software, suppliers can quickly create an account and submit proposals in just a few simple steps, without going through a long implementation process. This results in:
  • Increased proposal response quality
  • Increased supplier ability to meet deadlines
  • More polished and compliant proposals
  • More bids and more winning proposals

Results Oriented

DeepStream is a great tool that is loaded with value-added features. These features help you deliver results, such as:
  • Cost savings: By sourcing a competitive bid, you can be sure that your chosen supplier meets your requirements and delivers savings.
  • Time savings: Do more business. Save hours. Win deals. Spend more time on your core competencies and less time on proposal management and sourcing.
  • Improved business processes - Bring compliance, visibility, and structure to your organization. Sales and proposal teams alike will benefit from DeepStream.

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