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In today's business landscape, where sustainability and diversity hold paramount importance, Dryden stands ready to provide your procurement organization with sustainability solutions. Our team of experts have extensive experience in developing an ESG strategy for procurement teams. By utilizing Dryden's sustainability consulting services, you will accelerate your sustainability journey for your procurement organization.


Diversity is the catalyst for innovation and progress. Recognizing this, we've made a concerted effort to identify and partner with certified Minority Business Enterprises (MBE). By choosing to work with diverse suppliers, companies send a powerful message about their commitment to inclusivity and equality. Dryden can help you develop diversity partnerships to increase diversity spending, further your social impact, and support your internal procurement strategies.

Eco Products Sourcing

The products you procure play a direct role in your company's carbon footprint. Whether you're in search of office supplies, janitorial supplies, or industrial supplies, it is critical that you partner with vendors that are conscious of their carbon emissions and striving to address climate change. We can work with you to develop a sustainability strategy, further embed sustainability into your procurement operating models, and migrate spending to eco-friendly products. Working with Dryden will help you reach your sustainability goals faster, whilst contain costs and maintaining your competitive advantage.

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Holistic Approach

Our approach is holistic. We strive to assess the complete value chain, reviewing each step of your procurement operations to identify growth and support areas for sustainability. Our team of dedicated procurement and sustainability consultants works tirelessly to ensure ensure that when you partner with us, your procurement strategy is both contemporary and conscientious.

Dryden can take your procurement into the future.

As we drive towards a more sustainable future, we take pride in our ability to offer tailored solutions that cater to your business's specific needs. From identifying diverse and minority vendors to sourcing the best in eco products, our efforts are designed to ensure you not only meet your sustainability goals, but set new industry best practices and future proof your organization.
Join us on a transformative journey. Together, let's create innovative solutions and redefine procurement, making it a force for positive environmental and social change. Contact us today.

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