Our indirect procurement benchmarking services help companies achieve massive savings.

What is Indirect

Indirect procurement benchmarking uses insights from countless suppliers and companies to find better procurement methods and positively impact your bottom line.

As an indirect procurement benchmarking service, we take data from the procurement marketplace to find the most competitive rates for your business and determine if your current rates are justified based on the market.

Benefits of

With a procurement consultant, you'll get unprecedented access to meaningful market intelligence and take control of your current market rates.

This insight into the market gives your company unprecedented leverage and can help you reach fairer rates and negotiate with your procurement services. If your current indirect procurement methods prove ineffective or you find that you're being price gouged for services, your sourcing and procurement benchmark service can step in and help you find a more just rate.

Get the Info You Need Before Contract Negotiation

Indirect spend benchmarking is perhaps most valuable when your company is entering a period of contract negotiation. Whether you’re negotiating one or several contracts in various categories, the vendor typically has far more information than you do — giving them an advantage.
We help level the playing field by giving you indirect commodity benchmarking you can use to negotiate more favorable terms. We benchmark your proposed program against similar programs to ensure that it’s competitive in the marketplace. Never again will you enter a contract where you’re paying a premium.
Our indirect commodity supplier benchmarking covers a diverse collection of spend categories. Whether you’re about to start negotiating contracts or you’re interested in learning more about a category where you’re about to make a big investment, our benchmarking services and experienced consultants can help you make the best possible decisions.

Benchmarking Across Diverse Categories

Our indirect commodity supplier benchmarking covers a diverse collection of spend categories, including:

  • Office Supplies
  • Uniforms
  • IT and Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Temp workers
  • Facility maintenance
  • MRO
  • Shredding and Document Management
  • Safety and PPE
  • Managed Print

Our Indirect Procurement Services

With more than ten years in the industry, Dryden does more than provide indirect procurement benchmarking services. We understand that there's no universal approach to procurement, which is why we dedicate ourselves to using data and finding the right choice for you based on evidence. We put billions of dollars in our market intelligence to distinguish ourselves from the competition and use this information to help you effectively negotiate with every one of your vendors.
Using our wealth of information and expertise, we take the guesswork out of your indirect procurement contracts. Dryden Group has grown to offer the following indirect procurement services:
  • Audit and compliance: We perform thorough line-by-line audits to look for overcharges and ensure that your supplier is always in line with contract compliance.
  • Benchmark: Our procurement consultants will conduct custom benchmarking aided by our robust database filled with the latest, most relevant indirect commodity pricing data. You’ll know precisely how your costs compare to industry standards.
  • Contract negotiations: We understand the jargon of the indirect procurement industry and can get you a clear contract with great KPIs.
  • Implementation: Our industry experts take time to negotiate, build and implement long-term solutions that give your company fair and sustainable savings.
  • Optimization: We provide a monthly analysis of your procurement services so that you can make fast and informed decisions with our analytics portal.
We do it all, from requesting proposals and reevaluating your contracts to optimizing your current processes. Contact us today to see how we can help your business with indirect procurement.

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Indirect Procurement Benchmarking From Dryden

With more experience and insight than anyone else in the game, Dryden knows how to negotiate with the giants of the procurement industry. Your bottom line is our top priority, and we promise to save you money and get you the most out of your indirect commodities, whatever your budget. Visit us at our in-person location or contact us online to get started on improving your business's indirect procurement benchmarking today.

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