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Are you worried that your organization might be spending too much on office supplies — or spending it on the wrong items? If you haven't found a reliable method for standardizing the procurement of office supplies, your concerns are probably warranted. The cost of office essentials can add up in a hurry, leaving you to wonder where the money went. Finding reliable office supply cost reduction solutions is essential for eliminating wasteful spending and maximizing profitability.

Improve Your Procurement Processes for Office Supplies

With more than 15 years of office supplies sourcing expertise, you can count on Dryden Group to help you find ways to cut costs, reduce the volume of excess inventory, consolidate office essentials and improve your supplier selection process.
We will work with you to develop and implement a customized sourcing strategy that will encompass all aspects of your office supply spending. Our services also help you identify and institute changes that will enable you to reduce the cost of your indirect spend, optimizing your in-house processes for the procurement of office supplies.

We Will Conduct a Comprehensive Analysis of Your Current Office Supply Procurement Practices

The Dryden Group methodology begins with a thorough assessment of your existing purchasing procedures that will help you determine the top expenditures within the office supplies category . For most organizations, this represents approximately 75 percent of the total spend.
The analysis will provide a better understanding of your requirements in critical areas such as location and capacity. The review also considers relevant factors, such as maintenance costs and leasing terms. The insight provided by the assessment will help us develop an effective procurement strategy and contract that will reduce expenditures and make more efficient use of all available resources by ensuring you receive the best pricing from your supplier.

Our Office Supplies Procurement Services Can Deliver Multiple Benefits to Your Organization

Dryden Group can help our clients:

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At Dryden Group, your bottom line is our top priority. As your partner, we’ll optimize your procurement services for office supplies, helping you lower your expenditures and increase your contract strength with your supplies, ensuring that when you purchase office essentials, it’s at the best possible price.
Contact us for more information about how we can help you reduce your procurement costs today.
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