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Finding reliable solutions is essential for eliminating wasteful spending and maximizing profitability.

Count on Dryden Group to improve your procurement processes for Office Supplies.

With more than 20 years of office supplies sourcing expertise, you can count on Dryden Group. We will help you find ways to cut costs and reduce the volume of excess inventory. Our teams will consolidate office essentials and improve your supplier selection process.

Sourcing Strategy

We will work with you to develop a customized sourcing strategy encompassing all aspects of your office supply spending. Our services also help you institute changes that will enable you to reduce the cost of your indirect spend. This effort will optimize your in-house processes for the procurement of office supplies.

Industries That Need Office Supplies

Unless your organization is entirely virtual, the odds are high that you will need some sort of office supplies to run your business. Companies in sectors of all types require office supplies, and we serve organizations in various industries, including:
  • Food and beverage
  • Higher education
  • Healthcare and pharmaceutical
  • Oil and gas
  • Technology
  • Retail
Most industries require some level of office supplies during their day-to-day operations. The Dryden Group has helped companies in these sectors procure the products they need to run a successful business.

Comprehensive Analysis

The Dryden Group method begins with a thorough assessment of your existing purchasing procedures. For most organizations, this represents approximately 75 percent of the total spend.

Effective Strategy

The analysis will provide a better understanding of your requirements for location and capacity. The review also considers relevant factors, such as maintenance costs and leasing terms. The insight provided by the assessment will help us develop an effective procurement strategy that will efficiently use all available resources.

Types of Procurement

Office supplies make your business life easier. Dryden Group helps you get the products you need with one of our procurement processes:
  • Direct procurement: These are the office supplies you need to create a final product for your customers. Our consultants measure the costs of goods for resale (GFR) to meet your needs best.
  • Indirect procurement: These are goods not for resale (GNFR). They make your business tick, like the office supplies you need to keep your buildings operating. Our consultants work with buyers and sellers to find the supplies you need.
  • Supply chain: This process involves a consultant carefully examining your entire supply chain. They look for inefficiencies when you send and receive items and help you make those areas as effective as possible.
We focus primarily on indirect spend at the Dryden Group. Often, this process is the most complex and yet completely overlooked. Our team will engage in several best practices to ensure you get everything you need at a fair cost.

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Key Benefits

Our office supplies procurement services can deliver multiple benefits to your organization
  • Find areas of waste by auditing current and previous billing statements for office supplies.
  • Identify the most essential and nonessential fixed-price and contract office supply items.
  • Identify acceptable benchmark service requirements .
  • Establish current and future procurement needs for office supplies.
  • Negotiate more favorable contract terms with existing vendors and locate new suppliers as needed.
  • Analyze and categorize spending patterns to pinpoint efficiencies and improve inventory management practices.
  • Determine opportunities for supply consolidation that can produce substantial cost savings.
  • Institute more efficient supplier compliance procedures.
  • Perform a competitive analysis to determine options for pursuing office supplies price reductions.
  • Provide contract and pricing comparative analysis for any mergers and acquisitions to help lower costs, making it an integral part of your business plan.
  • Conduct spend assessments to look for areas where you can save money and learn more about your procurement decisions.
  • Assess your request for proposal (RFP) processes to enhance optimization.
  • Develop better relationships with your suppliers so that it benefits both parties.
  • Negotiate and renegotiate contracts for compliance and more favorable terms.
  • Determine what you spend the most on through category management, allowing us to learn what your core office supply needs are.

Work With Office Supply Procurement Consultants

Office supply products are essential to ensuring your business can operate as it needs to. Our Dryden Group teams help you procure these supplies, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business. You grow your side while we work on procurement, making your job more straightforward and budget-friendly. Dryden Group helps you by:
  • Developing and adapting a procurement strategy to match your goals, operation changes and fluctuating economies.
  • Examining your supply chain to look for weaknesses and fix them before they result in concrete problems.
  • Creating new indirect procurement strategies over time that will help you save money.
  • Connecting with new suppliers and continuously looking at those relationships.
  • Working as a single contact point for you and your suppliers.
  • Analyzing market trends to look for issues before they reach you.

Learn More About Our Office Supplies Procurement Services

At Dryden Group, your bottom line is our top priority. As your partner, we'll optimize your procurement services for office supplies, helping you lower your costs. We will increase your contract strength with your suppliers, so you get the best possible price.
Contact us for more information about how we can help you reduce your procurement costs today.

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